Double Gauze Baby Blankie


Aaand the present for the new mum and bub is unveiled!


Almost as soon as I knew there was a baby on the way I jumped online and ordered this double gauze from Miss Matatabi (always beautiful fabric and sweet service there!). This blue colourway seems to be sold out now, but this yummy pink is still in stock!


The girls at BHL really helped me out with the corners. I was super sceptical, but their instructions for perfect corners were actually amazing. Sorry for doubting you girls!! You are fantastic!


I like how this project worked out – particularly the spots lining up so nicely on the borders!


And even better, I think my lovely friend really liked it. I’m looking forward to meeting her little babe soon!


heather ross zip pouch


I sewed up this little pouch a few weeks ago, for a sweet soon to be nine year old whose birthday party I was helping out at.


I just love this fabric! It’s by Heather Ross, from the Briar Rose collection. Earlier this year I snapped up a half yard bundle of all the prints from Simply Sweet Fabric on Etsy. I’ve been making a log cabin quilt with it, but knew it would be so cute for this little project too!


I used the excellent tutorial from Flossie Teacakes on how to make a lined zip bag, just tweaking the dimensions to suit the zip I had. This is the second time I’ve used this tutorial, and it is fab!


I see myself making more of these!