Scout and Cloud

I have another scout-out-fit for you today!

I love wearing this scout! Batik fabric from Thailand, hem straightened out to keep the selvage, it’s crisp and happy.


This is how I wear my scouts most often/ what I wear most often full stop. Scout, skinny jeans, flats if it’s warm, cardi and boots if it’s cool. Too easy! And I get to enjoy wearing lots of fun fabrics!


Isn’t this little cloud cute? Stumbled upon him and was happy I was wearing something unblogged! Thanks mum for the pics!

What’s your go to outfit?

Scoutfit #1


I have a love affair with grainline patterns.


Along with the archer shirt, the scout tee and the moss skirt are to blame.


I probably wear a few scouts a week – usually with black skinny jeans to work or shorts to the beach on the weekend. But I really needed to find a way to keep these tees in rotation in my work wardrobe during the summer months! So I was super pleased to see how well this skirt turned out.


This is my third complete moss skirt, I have another partly sewn and another cut out. But I began this skirt about a year ago! I excitedly sewed it a bit each day, only to run out of top stitching thread. I bought some more, but the mojo was gone, I didn’t think it was going to look good on me, and it sat unfinished. (Actually I did wear it to uni a few times with a safety pin!!).


Jen’s patterns always come together so beautifully, and I loved going crazy with the top stitching on this one. Hopefully I will catch some more scouts on camera and I will end up with a few more scoutfit posts!! (And I hope I remember how good it feels to revive a long unfinished project!).