Windrush Shirtdress


A little while ago some amazing Liberty fabric caught my eye… As I googled the various colourways, I stumbled upon this amazing story on uppercase magazine about just how the print was made. Helen Musselwhite hand cut the whole thing! Definitely a worthy read…


I didn’t think I would splurge and buy any of this fabric, until my mum offered to buy some special fabric for me for Christmas. I ordered it online from Shaukat.


I wanted to make a dress, and to choose a pattern that would help break up the repeat a little. I flirted with the idea of a BHL Sabrina dress for a little while, but then settled on the Pauline Alice Camí dress. I quickly made up a toile and had the whole dress done over one weekend because I was determined to wear it on my first day at my new job!!


What a great print matched with a great pattern! And funnily the fabric name ‘windrush’ is pretty appropriate to the pattern – walking in the city you can get some good billows!! But the skirt is not indecently short by any means so no major troubles so far!


This dress sewed up very nicely, and after making so many Archers I didn’t really need to spend too long reading the instructions! The invisible zip made me most nervous, by my new Janome I treated myself to last year handled it well. Hooray for invisible zipper feet! And automatic button holes!


The buttons are from the Alannah Hill factory outlet store in Fitzroy, they match so nicely! I should have taken a close up.


I loved making and love wearing this dress, and I have another cut out! The next version will be in a very different but still very lovely floral… Hopefully this weekend sees some sew time!

Indigo Monsoon Dahlia


A few weeks ago I received my order from Stitch 56 all wrapped up nicely in pink tissue. Rarely for me, I chose my fabric and pattern at the same time.


I sewed up Colette Pattern’s Dahlia in a straight size 4 and was super pleased with how it turned out. I also made it up first in a quilting cotton first, which was nice too, but it definitely benefits from the nice floaty drape of this fabric.


My only real modification was to use the selvedge for the hem, and so had to straighten out those pattern pieces.


Comfortable and pretty to wear, and fun to make, this pattern is a winner!


I like how the fabric is a bit ocean-y – A wide sandy strip, turquoise shallows, and then a deep blue.


I think this dress will be getting a lot of wear!