Oh baby! 

As soon as I heard the news of my dear friend’s sweet girl I jumped out of bed to start sewing! 

First up, this little watercolour heart cat dress. I was so happy to have enough fabric left over from my own dress! 

Of course, once I had made the first version of Rae’s free little geranium dress, I loved it and couldn’t stop at one! The first version was in lawn, and the second quilting cotton, but both were easy to work with and looked cute at the end. 

I highly recommend this pattern! Super cute outcome, easy to sew, you get a great finish, and the contrast potentials are really fun! You can find it here. The method Rae recommends for gathers is genius! Rae was very generous to make the littlest size free, and I will definitely wanting to buy the bigger sizes once I have some older girls to sew for! There are tons of cute variations in the full version that I’d like to try!

I finished the backs of both dresses with little snaps, firmly hand sewn on. I still need to figure out how to stop the stitches showing on the other side! Any good tips? 

All up, a very fun project, and the new parents really liked them! Yay!