a special quilt for a precious baby

Ever since my delightful Goddaughter was born I have been meaning to make her a quilt. I was very happy to be able to make her a cot sized quilt for Christmas.

daisy quilt 1

I ummed and ahhed over what pattern and fabric to use, eventually settling on some lovely squares of floral liberty of London fabric (purchased here!). I was so happy with the beautiful selection of prints, and the owner Katie kindly set up a custom listing for me when I needed some longer lengths of some of the fabrics.

daisy quilt 2

I knew I wanted to sew the charm squares into half triangle square blocks, I think they are so cute and they are very satisfying to sew too! As usual, I used the method outlined by Karen Walker over here at Craftsy. Next came the decisions of how to join them.. rows?chevrons? pinwheels? With the help of pintest and my beautiful Mum’s design eye, I settled upon a radiating design, moving from smaller lighter prints in the centre to the bolder prints on the edges.

daisy quilt 3

The borders were another big decision, I had intended to seperate each colour with a white border, but found that distracted from the main piecing. I like how the binding is just a little darker than the outer border. Craftsy came in handy once more, with a binding tutorial  by Christa Watson guiding me through the process. daisy quilt 4

I’m not really a big fan of trimming my blocks, I just hope the errors all even each other out in the end! I was surprised to see how well that theory worked! The corners are nice right angles and it actually folds up on itself pretty well.

daisy quilt 5

I so enjoyed making this quilt, and best of all, I think mum and bub really like it too!

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