French Market Medallion Quilt Progress Report

It’s sure been quiet around this blog but I have been managing some crafty things!! Making leaps and bounds is this lovely quilt I began last year…  


I had sewn the centre and about 20 of the 48 circles last year, and then in a burst of productivity I finished off the last 28. I didn’t plan which fabrics would be paired up beforehand, so laid them all out and enlisted my mum and dad to help me shuffle them around into a pleasing layout.


Toffee was very keen to participate, and as you can see here she was exhausted by all of her helping. 


It was great fun looking over all of my fabrics again, and once the layout was set I sewed the whole lot up production line style. I even got a blister from all that ironing work! And I may iron, but I do not trim! Living on the edge, cause that’s how I roll. 

Now I need to choose a backing fabric! I’m excieted for the next time I can go to the quilting shop!! 

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