Double Gauze Baby Blankie


Aaand the present for the new mum and bub is unveiled!


Almost as soon as I knew there was a baby on the way I jumped online and ordered this double gauze from Miss Matatabi (always beautiful fabric and sweet service there!). This blue colourway seems to be sold out now, but this yummy pink is still in stock!


The girls at BHL really helped me out with the corners. I was super sceptical, but their instructions for perfect corners were actually amazing. Sorry for doubting you girls!! You are fantastic!


I like how this project worked out – particularly the spots lining up so nicely on the borders!


And even better, I think my lovely friend really liked it. I’m looking forward to meeting her little babe soon!


Mini Cinnamon Scolls

One of my oldest friends is having a baby shower next week.. So this week I had to test drive a recipe for the mini cinnamon scrolls I have said I will bring!! It was the perfect activity for a rainy long weekend.


I had a look on Pinterest for the perfect recipe, but wasn’t won over. Too much premade pasty, too sugary, too sticky, too involved.. And then when I wasn’t even looking, I stumbled across the perfect article on the Guardian website – Ruby Tandoh’s best bakes from the past year, all gathered together. Ruby, I hadn’t heard of you earlier, but you are a genius!!


I really liked how Ruby used olive oil instead of butter, and I found the whole process very enjoyable. My main alterations were making them mini, not using a spring pan, leaving them to rise extra long (because the oven had a yummy baked dinner in it!), and leaving off the sugar syrup for a lighter sweet.


Stage One
300g strong white flour
1½ tsp instant dried yeast
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp brown sugar
140ml water, lukewarm
60ml olive oil

Mix dry ingredients, then add the water and olive oil and mix. Knead the dough on the bench for 5 minutes or more – you don’t even need to put flour down, because of that lovely olive oil. Put the dough back in the bowl for at least one hour – it should really rise a lot!!

Stage Two
4 tbsp olive oil
75g brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp cinnamon
A pinch of salt

Mix up the ingredient for the filling, dust a surface lightly with flour and divide the dough in two (just to make the rolling more manageable!). Roll the dough into a long thin piece, spread the sugar mix on top with a brush, and roll up the dough from the long edge. Use a knife to cut little wheels, and arrange them in a lined greased cake tin. Let it rise again, and bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.

Stage Three


These taste lighter than your regular cinnamon scroll, but are very yummy in my opinion! Just what I was after!

Also, I made this dress! I must take proper photos and give it it’s own post!

Scout and Cloud

I have another scout-out-fit for you today!

I love wearing this scout! Batik fabric from Thailand, hem straightened out to keep the selvage, it’s crisp and happy.


This is how I wear my scouts most often/ what I wear most often full stop. Scout, skinny jeans, flats if it’s warm, cardi and boots if it’s cool. Too easy! And I get to enjoy wearing lots of fun fabrics!


Isn’t this little cloud cute? Stumbled upon him and was happy I was wearing something unblogged! Thanks mum for the pics!

What’s your go to outfit?

Sunday Sewing


I love to have plenty of projects on the go at once. Big ones and small ones, machine quilting and hand stitching, garments and accessories, crochet and knitting, easy and demanding. I like a project for every mood and occasion.

This english paper piecing I’ve been working on is the perfect crash on the couch project. (Once all the bits are cut that is!). I am enjoying it very much!

Do you work on multiple projects at once? What is your easy go to project please?