Indigo Monsoon Dahlia


A few weeks ago I received my order from Stitch 56 all wrapped up nicely in pink tissue. Rarely for me, I chose my fabric and pattern at the same time.


I sewed up Colette Pattern’s Dahlia in a straight size 4 and was super pleased with how it turned out. I also made it up first in a quilting cotton first, which was nice too, but it definitely benefits from the nice floaty drape of this fabric.


My only real modification was to use the selvedge for the hem, and so had to straighten out those pattern pieces.


Comfortable and pretty to wear, and fun to make, this pattern is a winner!


I like how the fabric is a bit ocean-y – A wide sandy strip, turquoise shallows, and then a deep blue.


I think this dress will be getting a lot of wear!

3 thoughts on “Indigo Monsoon Dahlia

  1. happy new year!:) beautiful choice of fabric! definitely one of those “so beautiful yet so easy to wear” sun dresses you could dress up or down with for many occasions!

  2. Very pretty! Can you tell me more about your fabric choices? I am not seeing a closure (zipper, button, etc.) if there was one, which one did you choose? Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Hi Shanna, thanks! This was a drapey, and very light cotton woven fabric. The closure is an invisible side zip. I used the pattern instructions and they worked well for me!

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