Quilt #4 (before numbers one, two and three).

So, about a week ago I went to the quilt shop with my mum, because she needed to hang a quilt. I was absolutely definitely not getting anything for myself. Despite a nice long browse, I made it to the counter with my mum, where I was told there were sale items out in one of the back rooms.

I did not leave empty handed. I couldn’t say no to some half price precut selections!!


A few hours later and this happened. Pairing up squares, sewing and cutting half square triangles, (half triangle squares?), ironing flat, and trimming. These were so much fun! I used this great method I found on a Craftsy blog post. Thanks Craftsy!


This is how I arranged them! I wanted the heavier spots at the bottom and I kept the more regular prints to one orientation. I had grouped print repeats together, but changed my mind and balanced them out a bit more. It was a fun process, as I had nothing in mind before beginning.


This is the fabric I chose for the backing.


It seems to complement most colours used on the front, and has a calming effect over all. I used the backing to bind it all in one piece. I like how it matches one of the stripes exactly! Happy coincidence!


I finished this off on holidays, away from my rulers, rotary cutter, and sewing machine. I think I did alright squaring it up by eye!


It was my very first finished quilt. I enjoyed the hand quilting! Just diagonal lines in perle cotton. I like to live on the edge when I craft – no pins, no markings! In the whole quilt! Laura didn’t have fancy rulers either, in her little house on the prairie, and they managed just fine!


I’m keen to go on with my other quilty projects now!!

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