pink jasmine

This was my first make from the beautiful Colette Patterns. I was very pleased with how this pattern came together, and have been a long time fan of their blog, which is filled with tips, tutorials and ideas. I made the Jasmine top.


I picked up this sweet Japanese lawn from spotlight, and it was nice and easy to press and sew.


I feel a bit proud about this bow detail! I’ve since been wondering if I can add a bow like this to a scout tee, as you know it is my forever love pattern. I’m not sure how it would work without the v neckline though.


I like how this top looks, but it feels a bit funny in the shoulders. I made a size 0, but maybe next time I’ll size up.


I’ve worn this top out a few times now, and I like how both the fabric and pattern are so feminine and pretty.


Since making this I’ve tried a few more Colette patterns – a bunch of successful laurels, a half finished dahlia, and some clover pants in need of rescuing! I’m hoping to have more sewing time soon.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “pink jasmine

  1. i do love the fabric (i have a weakness for florals) and it suits that lovely pattern (i adore the neckline) to a tee! would look so gorgeous as a dress too!

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