water colour heart sparkle button dress you are fun and silly.. I mean whimsical


This is my second Alder shirt dress by the lovely Jen of Grainline Studio. I am a huge fan of Jen’s. I have made 4 moss skirts, 8 scout tees and 3 archers with more of each in the works! I love the drafting, the construction, the versatility, and the way the finished items fit so well into my wardrobe.


I never know which buttons I will use when I begin. I like to audition them right near the end of the sewing process. I’m always a bit in awe of other bloggers who seem to know right from the start just what to choose. In the end I thought seeing as I went with the cute gathered skirt option, in cute kitty/heart water colour fabric, I may as well go all out and choose the cute sparkle buttons!


Two weeks ago I accidentally sewed one of my french seams back to front, and then last weekend I didn’t read the instructions and struggled with the first right angled french seam, but today I plucked up and finished the dress. I’m super happy and relieved because I love it!


My bro even helped me out and took the photos for me! In the photo below I was trying to get him to give me pose ideas… Yeah I’ll be working on that! But I do love this dress!


wip: purl soho advent calendar

Ok, so it’s quickly becoming apparent here that I like to work on lots of projects at once.


This is another wip which I’ve been enjoying spending time on for the last few weeks.


This lovely kit is from the Purl Soho, and my lovely parents gave it to me last Christmas. I’m hoping to have it all stitched up in time for this Christmas!


I dove straight into sewing up the little ornaments, they are irresistibly cute. They are the perfect size to fit in the palm of ones hand, and I am really enjoying the way the glitzy beads and sequins look with the more rustic texture of the wool felt.


These are so much fun to sew, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all together on the tree.

Trim Treasure

Today I’ve been enjoying a lovely day off work, eating out at some of my favourite spots and doing a little shopping.

We ended up at a tiny haberdashery, jam packed with fabric and notions. I picked out these two trims.


They aren’t destined for this fabric – but they may be part of another elisalex dress!

Recently I have been feeling very inspired by the colours, fabric and embroidery in collections by Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. I’ve been on the lookout for supplies that would work to make my own dress inspired by these fun, floral, extravagant vibes. I know these trims will be just right. Now to find fabric!