renovation rescue

Many years ago now, I picked up a stool being thrown out at council clean up time. It was a bit battered, and stained a dark brown, but I liked it’s shape, and so it came home with me.

This is what it became!


But not right away. At first I tried to replicate some beautiful (expensive!), colourful folk art painted furniture I had seen in a store. While I did paint the cute birds below, I just couldn’t get the look I was after. And so the project lay dormant for a loooooong time…


… Until I saw some lovely refurbished stools on Pinterest, and knew what I had to do!!


I have it a lick of white paint, and used my 4.5mm hook to whip up a little cover out of some candy coloured Rico cotton.


And taaadaaa! She was complete!! I felt so pleased to see this project finally come together. Now I just need a little cabin for it to live in!


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