Felted Kitty Clogs


I knitted these up a few months ago and they have kept my toes toasty all winter.


I originally borrowed the book from the library, but loved it so much my mum ended up buying me a copy for my birthday. I’ve knitted two more pairs of clogs as gifts since – it’s a fantastic pattern and there are so many other adorable projects in the book I’d love to try. I think some baby shoes will be next – irresistibly sweet!

The book is called “the knitted slipper book”, and it is by the lovely Katie Startzman. I used the wool and needle size recommended in the book, and made no modifications other than machine felting (living on the edge!!) and stitching on the cats later. I actually ordered the wool online, from purlwise. I’ve ordered from them again since – such nice people – both times popping a handwritten note and a mini skein in each of my parcels.


Here’s an outtake featuring Toffee dog – she’s good friends with these two particular cats!

3 thoughts on “Felted Kitty Clogs

  1. i am not a big knitter, i can do the basic knitting, but your blog is inspiring me to do more in that area! I loved that crochet you did on that stool you painted white (though i thot the birdies were pretty fine), and i love these slippers. i also super mega love the rug/mat/throw you took the picture on – did you crochet that?! the colors are to die for.

    • Thank you!! The throw is also crocheted by me ๐Ÿ™‚ not entirely finished yet – it probably needs a few more rows to cover a bed properly but I can’t help using it in the mean time!!

      I learnt almost everything I know of knitting and crochet from the internet ๐Ÿ™‚ so please ask if you give any of the same projects a go and get stuck at any stage!

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