wip: french market medallion quilt


How yummy are these fabrics??

I bought them as a kit from the cottage quilt works. I love how all of the colours work so well together, and the way some pieces of fabric I might not have chosen on my own, seem so necessary to really make it sing.


I knew I loved the fabric, and the pattern included was “french market medallion“, which I thought was beautiful, but possibly beyond my skill level. (Having never completed a quilt before!) so I decided to start with the circles, and possibly just make a quilt out of that block, or if they were too hard to be enjoyable, to use the fabric for a more simple design of my own.


But, lo and behold, I am really enjoying those circles! So much so that last weekend…


… I had a go at the centre appliqué!! Yes! The whole quilt is going ahead. I feel very excited about it.

I will do a post on the sneaky cheat-y method of appliqué I used soon!

renovation rescue

Many years ago now, I picked up a stool being thrown out at council clean up time. It was a bit battered, and stained a dark brown, but I liked it’s shape, and so it came home with me.

This is what it became!


But not right away. At first I tried to replicate some beautiful (expensive!), colourful folk art painted furniture I had seen in a store. While I did paint the cute birds below, I just couldn’t get the look I was after. And so the project lay dormant for a loooooong time…


… Until I saw some lovely refurbished stools on Pinterest, and knew what I had to do!!


I have it a lick of white paint, and used my 4.5mm hook to whip up a little cover out of some candy coloured Rico cotton.


And taaadaaa! She was complete!! I felt so pleased to see this project finally come together. Now I just need a little cabin for it to live in!


Felted Kitty Clogs


I knitted these up a few months ago and they have kept my toes toasty all winter.


I originally borrowed the book from the library, but loved it so much my mum ended up buying me a copy for my birthday. I’ve knitted two more pairs of clogs as gifts since – it’s a fantastic pattern and there are so many other adorable projects in the book I’d love to try. I think some baby shoes will be next – irresistibly sweet!

The book is called “the knitted slipper book”, and it is by the lovely Katie Startzman. I used the wool and needle size recommended in the book, and made no modifications other than machine felting (living on the edge!!) and stitching on the cats later. I actually ordered the wool online, from purlwise. I’ve ordered from them again since – such nice people – both times popping a handwritten note and a mini skein in each of my parcels.


Here’s an outtake featuring Toffee dog – she’s good friends with these two particular cats!

hey internet

I’m diving into the blog world. Over the last few years I’ve been learning so much from the blogs I love, and I have tried to contribute a little back to the wonderful community of makers through posting my makes on Ravelry and Instagram. This blog will be a spot for me to keep track of what I’ve been making and doing, and hopefully might help a few others as they decide what to make next.